Sales strategies for products requiring explanation

The right balance between technical expertise and benefit arguments

Efficient sales talks with the right strategy

In sales communications, technology-oriented companies usually put emphasis on the technical features of their products. Advertising materials and sales pitches are focused on this and it is not unusual for engineers and developers to be consulted during customer meetings in order to impart the technical characteristics of the product. However, the benefit is rarely revealed to the customer only by the technical features and data sheets. For a successful sales strategy, it is therefore advantageous to transfer technical specifications into simple and comprehensible benefit arguments.

Utility more important than technology
In sales argumentation, it is crucial that customers recognize the concrete technical and financial benefits that the product offers them. Savings effects, such as a reduction in production costs and a yield calculation based on product characteristics are important components of the argumentation. The second category communicates the technical qualities, features and performance characteristics of each product.

We translate the technical advantages of your products into concrete customer benefits and develop an individual sales and argumentation strategy on the basis of your products. In addition, we offer direct support in customer communication and sales talks.